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Tae Kwon Do Times May 2013 article by Grandmaster Kenneth P. MacKenzie & Chief Master Robert J. Ott titled Vision Today for Vision Tomorrow: The story of a blind Martial Artist who brought vision to the eyes of a young warrior.

Download the article here


New article in Masters Magazine

Living, Loving and Breathing the Martial Arts - The story of Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth Written by Chief Master Robert J. Ott. Read the article and view additional photos.

Congratulations! Both Susan and Danielle White (Mother and Daughter) demonstrated and tested their skills for the promotion to 6th Gup Purple Belt. Click here to see the photos!

Message from Chief Master Robert J. Ott: "I was very proud of the commitment they both demonstrated!"

Click here to read the Presidential Memorandum

UTA KARATE Presents 4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Martial Arts Training Symposium 2012

Saturday, October 27 Holiday Inn Conference Center 2000 Loucks Road, York PA 17408

For room reservations please call 717-846-9500.

Download the informational flyer

Instructed by Master Steve Seo

Hosted by Grandmaster Billy Lee Burchett & Hapkido Brothers Academy

February 18th & 19th, 2012
7450 Augusta National Dr.
Orlando, FL 32822

*Hotel Shuttle service provided to and from the airport

Presented by Grandmaster Kami Moghaddam, 9th Dan
Hosted by: Master Israel Olivencia, 7th Dan

Seminar Questions? 24-Hour Live Operator at (949) 645-0606 or Toll Free (800) 576-5770
Email: info@martialscience.net

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These classes include both Reiki I and Reiki II attunements and certificates.
You will be certified to practice Reiki upon completion of this workshop.

Reiki Level I    April 21, 2012   8:00AM - 5:30PM  Cost $125.00 
Reiki Level II   April 22, 2012   8:00AM - 5:30PM   Cost $225.00
Reiki Level I & Reiki Level II  Lacey, WA. Cost $350.00

These classes include Reiki I & Reiki II certificates and the complete manual for Reiki I & II  "Reiki The Healing Touch" by William Rand. An excellent addition to any Martial Arts curriculum!

Continuing Education hours are available for Nurses, Massage Therapist, OT, Personal Trainers.

Website for Balance and Harmony: http://balance-and-harmonys.com/

Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth will be visiting the Temple of Certain Victory in May of 2012. Please send Chief Master Robert J. Ott an email if you plan on attending this more then affordable event.  His teachings and knowledge are certainly top notch and it will without question be another event of togetherness amongst fellow Martial Artists! Contact pilsung@comcast.net to find out more information and place your name on the list of participants.  Space is limited!

Dojunim Ji, Han Jae, Founder of Sinmoo Hapkido and to many the founder of Hapkido) will be teaching a one-day open seminar on May 6th.

He will be covering a variety of hand techniques, locks and takedowns along with sharing philosophy and ki development practices.  If there is anything specific that people are interested in, let me know, and I will see if he is willing to teach that.  As always though, he will have things that he will want to teach, so no promises there.

Date:  Sunday May 6th
Times: 10am to 5pm
Location: Eastside Martial Arts, Kirkland, WA
Cost: Pre-registered before April 15th - $100
Pre-registered between April 16th & May 5th - $125
Day of Seminar - $150

Clich here to visit the seminar website
Click here to visit the Facebook event page and FB event page


In what was billed as a "goodwill tour to enhance friendship, harmony and peace," 14 athletes from North Korea demonstrated their skills in the martial art of tae kwon do in a rare appearance in the United States. Click here to read more.

To promote the 2011 ITS - International Training Seminar as held by the International Hapkido Alliance. This will be a 2 week long training event for Hapkido and sight seeing in Australia featuring many international Grandmasters and Masters!

Address: Complete Self Defence Moorebank, Unit 4 - 1 Field Close, Moorebank, NSW, 2170, Australia

More Information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Hapkido-Alliance-ITS-2011/150074591695800

Contact: GM Geoff J. Booth - info@hapkido.com.au

Hosted by: Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie (President) and Grandmaster Scott Yates (Secretary General)

October 21-22, 2011
(MacKenzie’s Hapkido Institute)
200 White Horse Road
Voorhees, New Jersey, 08043 USA
(856) 346-1111 or MacKenzieHapkido@comcast.net

More Information: click here for more information

Click here to read a special thank you to all the attendees from the World Kido Federation - Han Min Jok Hapkido Association for the March 2011 Summit.

Grandmaster Booth will be visiting and teaching at the Temple of Certain Victory!  Invitation only!  Please contact Chief Master Robert J. Ott for more information and a formal request for attending this great event. This workshop instructed by one of the most well known Korean Martial Art Practitioners will be one you do not want to miss.  Grandmaster Geoff Booth will be having his visit to the Great Northwest his last stop on the 2011 International tour.  His travels this year will start off in Europe (several countries) Great Britain, Florida, New Jersey, Minneapolis, the Great Northwest and of course back to his home country of Australia.  He is a true dedicated practitioner who not only is known for his great teaching methods but also the quality in the making of his DVD Hapkido set.  Space is limited so contact Chief Master Robert J. Ott as soon as possible!

Click here to read the details of the Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine 30 Year Anniversary Celebration scheduled for May 2011. An event you surely don't want to miss!

Master William A. Sharpe's 40 year anniversary of Korean Martial Arts study.

Hosted by:  Grand Master Kenneth P. MacKenzie & Grand Master Scott Yates

Location:  Atco and Vorhees, NJ

More Information: These trainings will be held monthly at either my headquarters dojang in Voorhees, NJ and/or at GM Scott Yates' dojang in Atco, NJ. DoJuNim has asked me to invite each of you to participate in these important sessions.

Contact Information: Please call Grand Master MacKenzie or Grand Master Yates at 856.719.1411 for information on dates, times, seminar fees, etc.

The event was filled with close to 200 individuals with over 130 being participants. Chairman Grandmaster In Sun Seo was pleased and appreciative of the great turnout. The family members living here in the United States made a great difference with the hard work in getting the event informed to Martial Artists and Han Min Jok Hapkido Association members from around the world. Keep an eye out for a Tae Kwon Do Times article written about this event by Chief Master Robert J. Ott!

Also a local high school teacher, Master Schroeder broughy over a dozen of his Tae Kwon Do students to visit the Temple of Certain Victory to spend time with Chief Master Robert J. Ott.

Chief Master Robert J. Ott instructed a Kidokwan-Hapkido seminar at the Kirkland Hapkido School in Kirkland, WA. The Seminar was hosted by Master Dr. Sean Bradley  and attendees were instructed in Kidokwan-Hapkido techniques and shared some of principles and philosophies in life.

Instructed by Chief Master Robert J. Ott.

Hosted by:  Master Thomas Gordon of Gordon Martial Arts

Keynotes:  Grand Master KS Hwang (ITF-9th Degree), Grand Master Timmerman, Grand Master Booth, Grand Master McMurray, & Chief Master Marlin Simms

Other Session Leaders:  Grand Master Trudeau, Chief Master Janisse, Master Monty Hendrix, Master Chris DuFour (Tang Soo Do) Master Thomas Gordon(Host) and others......

Address:  130 West Oakdale; Crestview, FL 32536

Contact Phone:  850-682-0720

Cost:  $125-150 (depending on registration date)

Chairman Grandmaster In Sun Seo & the World Kido Federation/Han Min Jok Hapkido Association's "Train with Grandmaster In Sun Seo." Click here for more information | click here to watch the official promotional video on YouTube.

This seminar was hosted by the Temple of Certain Victory (Flowering Warrior Enterprises, LLC.) and by invitation only.  Master Dr. Sean Bradley visited our dojang and shared his knowledge and spirit to all of our special guests.  His study and mastering of Sin Moo Hapkido under Doju Nim Grandmaster Ji Han Jae and Doctor's degree in Naturopathic medical care is a true unique blend that has led him to be a well known practitioner and teacher to the Martial Arts Community.  Certificates were issued!


Tae Kwon Do Times 30 Year Anniversary!
Click here to download the flyer featuring mini photos of the magazines that make for the past 3 decades.

Head Master Perry Zmugg from Austria
Teaching the art of escrima stick fighting at the MacKenzie's Vorhees, NJ dojang

Action Martial Arts Magazine "Giving Back to our martial arts community" Seminar & Banquet.
Held at the world famous Tropicana Casino & Resort - Atlantic City, NJ. Featuring the world's most elite martial artists. Click here to see photos from the event

Youth Speaker at Carnation, WA Elementary School
Click here to view the kids' thank you letters or see photos from the event by clicking here

Flowering Warrior Enterprises LLC. would like to give condolences from the heart on the passing away of Grandmaster Chung E. Kim. Grandmaster Chung E. Kim passed away quietly on March 15, 2010, at 7:37 p.m. A martial arts pioneer, he had a wonderful and good life. Please join us in commemorating this esteemed man and his wonderful spirit with a Tae Kwon Do Funeral. Please wear your full dobok to honor him. Visitation will be on Friday, March 19, from 4 to 8 p.m. at The Runge Mortuary www.therungemortuary.com, at 838 E. Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa, 52807. The Funeral will also be at The Runge Mortuary on Saturday, March 20, at 10 a.m. Funeral arrangements are being made by the Chung Kim Black Belt Academy and Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine.

Ji Han Jae Retirement Ceremony
Official retirement ceremony for the founder Grand Master Ji Han Jae. Click here for more information

Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine News Story:
7th Annual Biennial World Hapkido Championship hosted by the World Kido Federation/Han Min Jok Hapkido Association Chairman Grandmaster In Sun Seo Master Sara Seo, Master Steve Seo, Master Scott Seo. http://www.taekwondotimes.com/index.php?PAGE_ID=78

Seminar instructed by the Han Min Jok Hapkido Association-Master Steve Seo
Hosted by the Royal Martial Arts Academy Master Nathan Doggett Located in Walker, MI.
Click here for more information on the seminar. The official seminar welcome letter.
Seminar registration form.

Robert J. Ott - Keynote speaker for Washington State Services for the Blind "Employment & Communications" Seminar.

Robert J. Ott - Keynote speaker at luncheon for the joint base Fort Lewis/McChord Wounded Warrior Program.

Doju Nim Ji Han Jae promotional-training ceremony in Seoul South Korea
Click here for more information.

Robert J. Ott - Keynote speaker for the Our Forgotten Warriors fundraiser at the joint base Fort Lewis/McChord.

Robert J. Ott - Keynote speaker for the 2nd annual AAU-sanctioned specially challenged martial arts championships. Robert will be demonstrating martial arts techniques and sharing his story of Certain Victory during the evening banquet.

Cover of July 2010 TKDT Magaizine signed by all 10 of the movers and shakers that attended the event.60 Year Anniversary Celebration for Grand Master Rudy Timmerman
The president of the National Korean Martial Arts Association & heir to the art of Kong Shin Bup celebrated his 60th year of martial arts training. Read the article "The World Honours a Saultite with Big Hands". View photos of the event. The image to the right of this article is the cover of the July, 2010 TKDT magazine with signatures from all 10 "movers and shakers" who attended the event.

2010 Korean Martial Arts Conference
Hosted by Chief Master James K Allison, the World Ki do Federation Georgia Representative. For more information please visit the following website:
www.sunmookwan-us.com. Phone contact: 706-499-1956 or Master Sullivan at

Collingswood Book Festival
Robert will be at the Collingswood Book Festival signing autographs and selling his products. Click here for more info on the festival.

Friday October 1st - Cherryhill, NJ
Formal celebration on the promotion of Grandmaster Kenneth P. MacKenzie to the rank of 10th Dan along with other practitioners who earned their most recent rank on the trip to South Korea in June of this year. There is more information regarding this event coming soon!

Congratulations to Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie on becoming the first American-born to ever reach the esteemed rank of 10th Degree Blackbelt ("10th Dan") in traditional Korean martial arts. Grandmaster MacKenzie was elevated to this highest-of-levels in SinMoo Hapkido while in Cheonan (Asan), South Korea this June at the Sun-Moon University. Presideing over the ceremony was Hapkido-Patriarch, 'DoJuNim' Ji, Han Jae. While in Korea, Grandmaster MacKenzie also led a large group, representing 16 nations, on a tour to include Andong (Ji, Han Jae's hometown), and Seoul. While in Andong, Grandmaster MacKenzie even performed ITF Pattern "Toi-Gye" at the ancient scholar's tomb near Andong. In addition to Grandmaster MacKenzie's achievement while in Korea, Grandmaster Scott Yates, Dr. Mark Fabi, and Masters Bob Turley, and Bill Taylor also qualified for thier next rank-advancements, and will be certified later this summer/fall. Miguel and Maria Valdez also enjoyed the event in Korea!
Great job team!

World Tang Soo Do Association 2010 Awards
"Instructor of the Year" Mrs. Giselle Sharpe.
"Master of the Year" Master John L. Godwin.

Saturday July 17, 2010 - Survis Tae Kwon Do rank promotion!
On Saturday July 17th, the following students of Master Matt Survis demonstrated their skills at the Temple of Certain Victory for Chief Master Robert J. Ott & Master Survis:

Noah Kreider, born November 7, 2002. Rank: 9th
Emily Sharwark-Todd, born December 28, 2000. Rank: 9th
Tatiana Coleman, born June 14, 2001. Rank: 9th
Tianah Sanders, born July 28, 2001. Rank: 9th
Tyler Kolb, born April 8, 1999. Rank: 9th
Travis Barron, born May 6, 1998. Rank: 9th
Manuel Perez, born October 20, 2000. Rank: 9th

The Women's Self Defense Seminar was held on Saturday November 4th. Click here to see photos from the seminar.


Robert J. Ott was the Key Note Speaker for America's Credit Union.

Chief Master Robert J. Ott hosted the Cho Gup Ban demonstration at the Temple of Certain Victory.*
*NOTE: The Temple of Certain Victory is not a place of business nor is it open to the public.

Guest Speaker for the Department of EcologyRobert was the Special Guest Speaker for the Olympia office of the Department of Ecology.

Chief Master Robert J. Ott taught a women's self-defense seminar at the Temple of Certain Victory.*
*NOTE: The Temple of Certain Victory is not a place of business nor is it open to the public.

(Father's Day) - Robert J. Ott hosted a seminar with special guests Grand Master Rudy Timmerman and Master Kevin Janisse from the National Korean Martial Arts Association
Click here to watch and download videos from the event!

Chief Master Daniel Sijtsma will be instructing at the Temple of Certain Victory.*
*NOTE: The Temple of Certain Victory is not a place of business nor is it open to the public.

Chief Master Robert J. Ott taught a Korean Martial Arts Seminar at MacKenzie's Gold Medal Family Karate in Voorhees, NJ. The event was very successful and 18 of the 25 participants flying out to the great northwest to attend the August "Super Summer Seminar" were there.

Sunday August 16, 2009
&Chief Master Robert J. Ott was a huge success!
This event became one of the most successful gatherings of Korean Martial Artists in history!
View photos from the event | Watch video of this event | Read participant testimonials

Instructors at the event were as follows:

Master Daniel Sijtsma - Founder of "Way of Intuition."
Saturday-Sunday August 15-16, 2009 - Master Steve Seo, official Technical Director of the Han Min Jok Hapkido Association under Chairman Grand Master In Sun Seo.

Sin Moo Hapkido seminar instructed by Grandmaster and Founder of Sin Moo Hapkido Ji Han Jae. Grandmaster Ji Han Jae along with his Wife Sa Moo Nim Mrs. Jae came to visit the Northwest. The event was Hosted by the Eastside Martial Arts & Insight Natural Medicine dojang. Click here to view the group photo | Click here to view the photo of Do Ju Nim Grandmaster Ji Han Jae, Sun Moo Nim Mrs. Jae and Chief Master Robert J. Ott  | Click here to watch the training video

Fundraiser held at El Gaucho's designed to raise money for stem cell research.

Martial arts demonstration held at an elementary school in Puyallup, WA. Close to 500 attended and attendees were from 5-12 years of age.


2008 Fall Women's Self Defense Seminar

Women's Self-Defense Seminar

Two Legendary Masters Come to the NorthwestRudy Timmerman, Robert Ott & Michael DeAlba

On June 28th & 29th two legendary Grand Masters came to the Northwest to do what each does best and that is to teach Ancient Korean Martial Arts. These two Grand Masters consisted of Sa Ja Nim Rudy Timmerman and Kuk Sah Nim Michael De Alba.
click here to read more

Photo Albums

Volume 1 of the 2011 SUPER SUMMER INTERNATIONAL KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS SEMINAR with special guest instructors and supporters from all over the world. Featuring advertisements, articles, letters of support and photos with descriptions of training events, ceremonies, entertainment and awards presentations.


World Kido Federation-Hanminjok Hapkido 2011 Summit featuring Chairman Grandmaster In Sun Seo

2010 Women's Self-Defense Seminar

2010 Movers & Shakers

2010 Thank you from the children

2009 Fundraiser "Vision Today for Vision Tomorrow"

Flowering Warrior Enterprises, LLC 2009 Super Summer International Korean Martial Arts Seminar

Flowering Warrior Enterprises, LLC 2009 Update Album

Flowering Warrior, Volume 1

Flowering Warrior, Volume 1

2008 North Pole Party Official Photo Album

2006 Trip to Korea

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The poem Flowering Warrior by Robert J. Ott

The poem “Seeing With My Eyes" by Robert J. Ott

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DPRK´s Tae Kwon-do diplomacy strikes US CCTV News

Teuk Gong Moo Sool Demonstration - Sneak peek at some of what will be in the 2013 Super Summer International Korean Martial Arts Seminar!

Robert speaking & Training

Robert on Action News: Philadelphia, PA

Robert on King 5 News: Seattle, WA

Robert on Evening Magazine: Seattle, WA

Robert on Idaho Television

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Robert on The Elaine Smitha Show

Demonstration at Fruitland Elementary school in Puyallup, WAYou Tube Logo

Listen to Robert's story and most recent east coast video footage on YouTube™ and click here to read comments made by visitors.


Hey Robert! I wanted to send you some good news! The final numbers came in for your cover last year. Your cover was our 2nd bestseller all year! Right behind our first ever women’s issue (which we did promote quite a bit!) So your cover was very well received! Congratulations!! This is great news!!

Laura Stolpe Managing Editor TaeKwonDo Times

Monday October 12, 2009 Hello Robert! You have been selected into our Hall of Fame this year! Your official recognition will be Master of the Year. This will be in the January 2010 edition.  Congratulations! We are honored to have you!

Sincerely, Laura Stolpe Managing Editor TaeKwonDo Times

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