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How would you rate the quality of our food?

Please tell us about your overall experience:
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the lady on the grill is awesome! She takes her time (but is quick at the same time) to truly make a great dish. I order breakfast items often and they are just as I ordered. Also, her grilled cheese are grilled to perfection – all the way to the edges with the cheese melted all the way. Other folks that jump on the grill are not nearly as good.

How would you rate the friendliness of the staff?

How would you rate the cleanliness of the facility?

How likely are you to refer a friend to us?
Very Likely


How would you rate the quality of our food?

Please tell us about your overall experience:
Fantastic! Great food at great prices.

How would you rate the friendliness of the staff?

How would you rate the cleanliness of the facility?

How likely are you to refer a friend to us?
Most Definitely!

We were very pleased. You do such a good job and everyone was impressed
with the amount and quality of the food! They also really liked the variety
of options we were given. Two thumbs up!
Karen M.
Good Morning, Murph- yesterday’s event was fabulous and everyone enjoyed the pastries and coffee – beautiful setup – thank you! Also, the night staff was pleased with their pastry trays/drinks too – thanks for all you do!
Kim B.
Hello, I have to tell you that your soup today was excellent. The menu says clam chowder but I see that the soup included shrimp. I hope this soup recipe is served again. Thank-you.
Cindy H.
The cafe is Amazing, & delicious food at a good price! Bobby Jayz has also done catering for me at a charity Masquerade Ball, and it was fabulous! Everyone commented on how great his hors d’oeuvres were! He even smoked salmon the night before/that morning to make sure it was fresh. I could not be more happy with Chef Murphy and his excellent staff. If you are looking for a caterer, trust me, you need to contact him!
Jessica M.
This company recently catered my best friends wedding and did nothing short of an amazing job. They didn’t miss any detail and every guest at the wedding was extremely pleased with the outcome of their meal! I would highly recommend this for any function or just a casual meal. The presentation of the food as well as the professionalism of the staff was superior. Choose these guys over the others!
Lauren W.
Lunch was fantastic!!! Thank you very much!!
Hey Robert! Long time no hear from! I was at the Christmas do down in our business office yesterday where we had some very delicious prime rib from BobbyJayz. I’m thinking about it particularly at this time because I’m having left
overs, and I’m not even kidding-it is delicious. I hope things are still going well for you. I can imagine you’re still keeping busier than ever. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas/holiday season and here’s raising a glass to a really great new year. Take care!
I am a fan of Bobby Jayz…..Murph…..and the excellent quality of fresh food provided. They do a great job of selecting a wide variety of specials to meet the comfort food needs…..the healthier Asian food needs……Greek……Mexican…… goes on and on. The soups and sandwiches and morning egg scrambles have spoiled me as well and don’t forget the espresso stand. I just wanted to take a moment to share some kudos for the excellent food that is varied, has fresh ingredients, and has good portions. People come from all over to eat here! A+ job!!
Hi Murph, Thank you very much for your response last week. I just wanted to reply to let you know that the sandwiches yesterday were PERFECT! I enjoyed mine very much. The coworker that I ate lunch with said his only regret was that he was too full to eat a second sandwich. 😀 As I have mentioned to you before, your Bahn Mi sandwiches have ruined me for the other local restaurant offerings of this sandwich –they’re that good.

Thanks again for the follow-up on this. I want to reiterate that my usual experience at Bobby Jayz is nothing but positive for both the food and the staff interaction. I’ve been working in OB-2 since 1998 and, in my opinion, there is just no comparison between Bobby Jayz and the previous cafeteria operations in this building.

You were awesome…food was delicious…highly recommend your business.
Thank you so much Murph, I was told by multiple people that they absolutely loved your food. They said it was amazing! I was running around so much I only got to try the prosciutto one and it was fabulous! Next time I’ll have to make myself a plate and hide it somewhere lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with the event. You did such a fabulous job! Everyone was super impressed! It looked great and tasted great! I hope you will still be interested in helping next year! Your hors d’oeuvres were a huge hit! Thank you again for everything, you guys were amazing!
Murph – you have done it again!!! This was not a typical box lunch like so many other vendors do. You took the time to give us our box lunch order on real dinning ware J and the table looked wonderful with items in baskets plus the extra condiments drinks and desserts were a great touch. The vegan meals were splendid as was the others meat sandwiches and salads that were ordered. Thank you for the variety of meals to choose from and the timeliness of your preparation. We will definitely be sending business your way.
Chef Murph, thank you so much for catering for our project celebration. The food looked beautiful (with a touch of class), and was delicious. Everything was a great success. Thank you for your services.
Hi Murph, I hope you had a nice weekend. Thank you so much for the receipt. But mostly – thank you so much for taking such great care of us! I loved the different food options this year (pastries, gluten free, etc)! I really appreciate your attention to our group and desire to make the event great for us. Your staff as usual was awesome as well. One of your staff was so kind to clear garbage off of the tables after breakfast – this was so kind and helpful of her!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better caterer. Thank you so much for all you did. We will see ya next year 🙂
Murph, I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed todays lunch of fresh fish with rosemary butter, veggies and brown rice.. Oh my gosh, it was awesome! Next week is my last week at OB2 and I will miss the wonderful lunches I’ve had from your kitchen. You and your staff have always been a pleasure. Thanks again.
This was FANTASTIC! Just wanted to pass along that I think all of the meals that the chef prepares are of wonderful quality and value, it is apparent how much the chef enjoys food and creating tasty dishes for the rest of us to enjoy ?
Murph, I just wanted to thank you for once again providing me with a meal that is new to me. The pastilla served with lentils and couscous was very good. I’ve never really had a combo like that before. Once again, you have opened me up to another style of food that I’ve never tried before. The pho, smoked pork fajitas, Banh Mi, and the mini pizzas are all foods that you have or occasionally offer that keep me coming back. Please keep offering us this variety of food. The breakfast offered all day now is also very welcome.
Hi Bobby Jayz Team, Wanted to let you know that Jessica (young lady on the grill) did a FABULOUS job with the grilled chicken and veggie special. I order this regularly and she just made the best one that I have had. Her seasoning is really good and the presentation is way better than I’ve seen lately. She has also done a great job with some other items that I’ve ordered so I thought you should know about her good work. Also, thanks for keeping this fantastic healthy option on your menu!
Dear Mr. Ott: Just wanted to write a quick note to commend Chef Murph and the Bobby Jayz staff for their excellent work. New foods popping up left and right on the menu – and a genuine enthusiasm for making customers happy, increasing sales, and encouraging staff and guests to try new things! Also want to thank the hardworking and caring staff – Jacob, Thea, Dorian, Tyler, and all the rest! Thanks.
It was nice seeing you again at the Winter Staff party on the 4th floor of OB2 – Amy had made some beautiful, delicious pies and desserts from your Café were just wonderful! We had so much fun trying out different desserts that we had never eaten before! We had a feast and probably gained a few #s!! We are thankful for Murph – he is so innovative and so experienced with these kind of parties. The Service Level café at Ob2 is lucky to have your efficient staff with the direction of Murph. I brought a Box of See’s assorted candies down there every year around Christmas and I hope they will save you at least ONE!! Just Joking – I am SURE you can afford all the candies you want in the world. Wishing you every joy of this holy season to share with those you love. I will be praying for your special Wish!!
Betty A
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Murph. He is not only a great Chef but has become part of our ‘community’ and is always willing to go the extra mile! I had forgotten about a potluck, but Murph was able to hook me up with an awesome shareable salad that everyone loved. But please bring back the gluten free pizza – even if it is Udi’s or Rudi’s frozen gluten free. Gives us a good option when our groups have pizza and also a treat for us now and then. Thanks again!!
Is the full glory of the noodle bar coming back? Was that seasonal? Of course I make my way down there for more than just that, but jeez that noodle bar was awesome. If I could make a suggestion, perhaps Pho days could be incorporated with noodle bar days, or has that always been the case? I can’t remember, I’m not partial to Pho anyhow. Keep up the awesome work.
What a beautiful display and catering for us yesterday – you are really the best at what you do! I am very thankful to you! EVERYONE made at least one positive comment about the presentation and/or food! You were a hit!! Thank you again.
Whoever wrote your menu board today did an AMAZING JOB!!! The handwriting is CLEAR, the words very VISIBLE! Good job – that person should make your board up every day!!!! It was very eye-catching when you walk into the building!
Debbie M.
Thank you for your recent posting on the health and nutritional value of food options at Bobbyjayz. Since its opening, I continue to be impressed with the quality of fresh foods and ingredients offered on a regular basis (and can continue to indulge occasionally in a fried tater tot!). As an employee of the NRB right next door to your location, whenever possible I encourage our staff to get out of the NRB and try out the food offerings in OB2 at Bobbyjayz because they really are superior to anything I’ve ever seen City Picnics offer in the NRB! In light of your recent newsletter on health and nutrition, that also touches a bit on recycling, I would say one of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of signage and encouragement of people to compost their food and paper scraps. There is one giant compost bin located at the trash receptacles by Thea’s coffee area, but it is not marked as such and more often than not it is full of garbage and plastics, not just compostables. If you could work with GA to get proper signage and mark the bin appropriately and then encourage your customers to compost, it would reduce a lot of waste. Also, when purchasing your ‘to-go’ products, consider this and buy only things that are truly compostable and compatible with the compost program offered here on the Capitol Campus. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work, good food, and good service.
Theresa M.
I am pleased to see so many new improvements and menus and upgrades in progress!! I know how expensive it is to do everything ORGANIC and it is hard to cut down on costs when you have to have enough $ for overhead and paying salaries!! I wish you MUCH success and the BEST of LUCK in your café’s desire to serve more healthy items in your menu! Chef M is wonderful – he is always looking at ways to serve new, colorful and healthy dishes! Cutting Down on FATS and SUGAR sound so LEAN and promising !! THANKS again for everything you are doing for the café!!
Betty M.
I wanted to let you know that the pumpkin soup yesterday was outstanding! I loved it and hope you continue making it this fall/winter! If it’s a recipe you can share, I would also appreciate that. Thank you!
Patty D.
I was eating downstairs with some friends – hoping to introduce them to the Asian specials. One lady friend had already had tried it twice and loved the sauces and the other was his first time. I told the guy that since he had NEVER tried the Asian noodle salad before – he would have to foot our bills!! Just kidding him!! I bought up a bowl of cream of chicken soup and gave it away to a hungry soul and she loved it and said it was the best Cream of Mushroom soup she has ever had. When I ran into someone on the stairs – I asked him if he had seen the sign and tried the pizza at the café – he said he has not , but his friend that ordered it to take home said it was “PERFECT!” Just to let you know a lot of us enjoy eating at your café and your staff are wonderful!!
Betty A.
Before I leave OB2 office, I would like to thank you and Chef M for the compliments from your café!! Everyone who had tried your pizza ( whether it be the first time or second, third or fourth time ..) was very grateful and happy. The new addition to our traditional menu was a breath of fresh air ! I have not got comments from the chicken wings yet, but I will find out the rest of this week. There must be at least 20 people that could not make it to the event due to meetings or out of building meetings or other engagements; but I am sure they will hear from their colleagues that they had missed out a good and special LUNCH !! THANKS again for everything you have done for us in OB2!!
Betty A.
I rushed away to CA after I met you at the café last month and did not get a chance to get back to you until now !! It was a privilege for me to meet you that Friday in November. I have enjoyed eating at your café – CHEF MURPH always has something new to offer – the Newest item “Asian Noodle Bar” is excellent – it pleases everyone – you can pick your own pasta/noodles, vegetables and condiments. Periodically I always I ask or try to get comments about the specials – the remarks :-“ the Chef is fabulous! I think you have a marvelous crew – without them -your CHEF would not have shone as bright as he is !! One person cannot whistle a symphony- you need an orchestra !! Have a wonderful and safe holiday! As usual, I always bring downstairs to the staff a box of my favorite “SEES” chocolates-. I hope they will save you a piece – dark or milk?
Betty A.
My unit tried the pizzas-small and large – both wonderful with thin crust and not doughy at all. It is great that we can pick them up at a designated time and I just find out if we are great customers, Chef Murph said he will throw in a free salad. Talking about salad – I love those vege wraps –another new Asian addition item to the Café ! The fact that different kinds of colorful lettuces are used really makes one feel healthy just by looking at the colors. I am glad head lettuce, which has no nutritional value, is not used in your café!! The different choices of sauces provided for anyone to pick his/her own liking is also wonderful. I love those free and handy chopsticks!! I used the chopsticks for my pizza today at the café ! I can handle them a lot better/ easier than a fork!! LOL! I am thankful for getting a good meal today ! Some employees at Ob2 frown on eating at the café – I was under the impression at one time that most cafés usually serve mediocre cafeteria food like the dorms or hospitals. ! You have given me a new perspective and argument.!! I HAVE BEEN INTRODUCING “Bobbyjayz” TO MANY OF MY FRIENDS HERE AT OB2. Every week I try to take at least 1 or 2 people downstairs to the café !! They are impressed and happy about the new items!! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!! HAPPY MID-WEEK!!
Betty A.
Dear Mr. Ott: My friends and I want to thank you for making INNOVATIVE Asian foods at the café in the last 2 or 3 months. The reviews or comments I have heard have been POSTIIVE and encouraging – there seems to be sell-0uts for all those special Asian dishes. I guess people like changes in their lives and FOOD is a HOT item if you can get them to buy into it. NOW I think most of us are hooked !! I know Taco salad used to be a great item on Tuesdays – now it is PHO – Vietnamese sandwich, vege wraps and lemon grass salad etc etc. Most of us are FAT or overweight in the US, esp in WASHINGTON– we need LEAN food with less fat in the meat. Today’s Lemon grass chicken is excellent – less fat or cut all the fat from the chicken would be even better even though the fat tastes good for some – just my comment. I am eager to try the home-sprung pizza at the café tomorrow. THANKS for the GREAT FOOD and wonderful Staff!
Betty A.
Just want to let you know I was impressed with the new item –Vietnamese sandwiches, either pork or chicken , served at lunch today. I forgot the name they put it on the board, but it was sure was an interesting name/item to catch one’s eye !! They went fast and I got one of the last ones after 1 p.m. I was told by the manager that he will have Vietnamese noodles ( PHO) next week. He said he could even include “TOFU” –the soy that thinks it is MEAT to the menu in the future ? That is exciting news – something different and I am sure something quite healthy at the same time. I think people should be patted on their shoulder when they have done a good job – I believe in uplifting people than putting them down. There is no better exercise for the heart !! Best of luck and success to your café!!
Betty A.
I have got comments from others, but did not get a chance to put mine down. Please allow me to state some of my Positive moments visiting your CAFÉ! When I first got there, I did not know Chris was the manager, but he was very friendly and said he would try his best to make the sandwiches I like and wanted me to give him recipes and suggestions. I first tried the Grilled vegetarian sandwich and it was excellent ! I introduced that sandwich to 2 of my friends and one of them got one a few days later and complained it was not very good and she could not finish it. I told Chris about it and he asked me to have my friend come down to the café and he would make her another one on the house. My friend came down and was very pleased with the sandwich. She was impressed that Chris would even do that for her. I had to attend a meeting at 12 noon and called to see if I could have them made 2 ahead of time so my friend and I could pick them up at 11:55. Chris said they could accommodate that request. When we arrived at 11:55, we realized that they only had 1 made instead of 2. Chris quickly made 1 while we waited for less than 5 minutes and he said that was free due to the mix-up in the earlier order which was probably my fault. I WAS IMPRESSED WITH HIS ACT OF KINDNESS AND GENEROUSITY WHICH IS LIKE THE SERVICE OF A 5-STAR OR EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT. When I run into people when I walk up and down the stairs – they always give me + remarks about the café – better management – consistent GOOD food and friendly staff. They love your chilies and Soups and specials!! I think the + remarks or comments OUTWEIGH any negative comments you have had when you first started and you had less staff then. Please keep up the good work – We are very HAPPY you have arrived in OB2!!!
Betty A.
I gave the other muffin you gave me to my boss and I love it cold or hot! Good recipe! Forgot to tell you the girls love the mango salsa. I did not know you have it today-I would have come down for a salad and chili!! Well the Social Committee had a big HOT DOG sale for $5 with chips, drink and all the trimmings on my floor. They were trying to make money for the Picnic and other summer parties for OB2 . I had a vegetarian hotdog –not much taste –but it was for a good cause –the food is not important ! Have a nice evening. I will call periodically to see if you have oatmeal cookie or mango salsa, is it OK?
Betty A.
The quality of the food is great, and the portions are very generous. Your lunches are better than most other restaurants dinners, and the prices are very reasonable. A great value in an era when many other eateries are shrinking their menu’s and service. I give a five star rating. Thanks.
Robert and Debbie
Your Pizza was AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!
Susan S.
In reference to our enchilada soup: “Awesome!”
Susan S.
I just got to say that the soup today, potato and ham, was the BEST soup I have ever had! I normally don’t send comments but I just had to comment of this soup! Excellent!! Thank you!
Lori Z.
I am totally impressed with the new variety of dishes that are mouth watering and satisfying. The cookies and pastries are out of this world. Today the Bahn Mi sandwiches were great with that salad. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
Deb D.
Dear Mr. Ott: I am writing to deliver accolades about Chef Murph in the Cafeteria at OB2. I look forward to the “special” of the day. The food is good and its wonderful seeing the pleasure Murph has in pleasing guests at the cafeteria. It’s been great fun having him and I can tell the other staff are enjoying their jobs also. Nice change. Thank you.
Colleen G.
Kudos to you and your crew for a great job all of you are doing. I especially love the variety of cookies and pastries offered on a daily basis – especially those wonderful humungous cinnamon rolls! Your meatloaf was divine and the soups are fantastic! I have heard other employees rave about your food as well. Keep up the good work – You guys “ROCK”!”
Diana S.
Chris, thank you so much for offering the Indian Tacos in celebration of National Indian Heritage Month. Not only did you go out of your way to help us celebrate, but they were amazing as well!! Thanks again!”
Lisa B.
Dear Robert, I just want to express how awesome your café is. I want you to know that Chris has provided such delicious meals and also great customer service. It is a joy to come into the café and be greeted so friendly by all your staff. My favorite thing to get from Chris are the yummy pineapple muffins! I get them almost every week and I share them with my coworkers! Everyone does a fabulous job at the café ! My coworkers and I are so happy that you have come to our building to provide us wonderful food! Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!”
Marinda O.
Chris – Just wanted to tell you how great your chicken soup was today, man. Outstanding! So great, in fact, that I wonder if you would mind sharing your recipe with me? Did I taste spinach in there, by the way? It was light, clear and utterly flavorful. Great for the diet my doctor has me on, too. Keep ‘em coming, Chris. You’re the chef, man.
Victor C.
Good Morning Chris! I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your outstanding customer service and thoughtful staff! Everyone within your establishment maintains a professional and fun attitude everyday of the week! I really enjoy all of the wonderful menu options, but even when I am down that way and do not purchase an item, all of the café staff still say hello and ask how my day is going. It is the little joys in one’s day that counts. Bobbyjayz Café really puts a smile on my face daily!!!! Thank you for all that you do and have done to make OB2 a wonderful place to work!”
Jessica A.
Just wanted to drop a quick email to let you know how much I enjoy having the Café downstairs. Chris and his crew are always so pleasant and helpful. The food is pretty darned good too!! I eat a variety of selections from sandwiches and soup, the grilled selections and the daily special. Good food, good prices!” Thanks!
Deb C.
Hi Chris, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the changes since Bobby Jayz moved into OB2. The salad bar is so much better. There is actually protein there (cottage cheese, sometimes beans) so it is a full meal if I want it. It’s great! There are other things I like:

• Everybody working for you as such a good attitude.
• It’s nice to hear the music at lunch time.
• It’s nice to have the tables wiped off as often as needed, instead of waiting until the end of the day.

The new recipes are tasty. Sometimes I feel wasteful if I can’t eat it all, but I’ll start asking for half orders when it’s possible. I love seeing a sample of the day’s special before I order it. Sometimes it’s hard to choose what I want to eat. That’s such an improvement over previous cafeteria management. Keep up the good work, and have a great weekend! Oh, and keep singing!

Colleen R.
Just wanted to share with you that my breakfast this morning was delicious. I had the french toast and bacon and it was way better than the french toast and bacon from the City Picnics café in HLB. The portion size seemed a little large, but ended up being perfect since I ate half for breakfast today and will eat the other half tomorrow morning (I’m already looking forward to those leftovers). J I think positive feedback is important for any business, so I felt I needed to express my appreciation to you. Thank you for the good food and friendly staff. Thank you.
I really never used to eat here in O.B.2 due to poor quality and price. I would sometimes go to DNR for something especially coffee 2 or 3 times a day. I love the chili and variety of soups and taco salad and burgers. I hope you can draw folks from neighboring buildings that do not have a cafeteria or one not so good. Oh I forgot to mention I love the cookies. The staff are all very friendly and competent. Keep up the great service and quality.
Peter S.
I have worked in OB2 for nearly 24 years, long enough to see the cafeteria/café/restaurant evolution on the service level, and several changes of management. Just my opinion, but I think that for the first time, you folks have brought the two much needed elements to the venue: Customer service and a quality menu. Congratulations on your recent successful opening and I wish you great continued success. I plan to be a regular customer of BobbyJayz. Thanks for bringing service back to the “service” level!
Loren L.
Although it is only the second day that you have been opened, I thought I would share some of the comments from the employees at OB-2. Comments are: the food is a lot better, comparable pricing, excellent customer service, & a good variety of items. I personally have tried the vegetable bean soup (very tasty and flavorful), cookies are excellent and a great price, your muffins are moist with a good consistency and very appealing in appearance (much better quality). Overall at this point I am impressed with the appearance, the stocked shelves, customer service, and general atmosphere of the place. Keep up the great food quality and excellent customer service!
Diana S.
Hello there, In reading your update letter after your first week of business I thought I’d offer my comments. I just returned from my first trip to your new OB2 café. I enjoyed my tomato basil grilled cheese sandwich (with real cheddar cheese, not processed American cheese!!) Thank you! Your website is great and having the weekly specials listed is wonderful. I look forward to seeing what specials will be available and hope that offerings will be with fresh and healthy ingredients. In the past, one thing that set the OB2 salad bar apart from the neighboring NRB salad bar was the offering of a wider selection of lettuce choices. Green leaf lettuce and spinach were often available at OB2 while the NRB usually only offers Iceberg lettuce. I hope the new OB2 salad bar will continue this tradition of offering a good lettuce selection! Thanks for listening and good luck in your new endeavor.
Theresa M.
Thanks Chris the chicken strips and fries were AWESOME! I’ll be coming back that’s for sure. I’ve been working at Capitol Campus for 25 years for Department of Licensing and it’s finally nice to have a good place to eat that’s affordable and you get enough to fill your belly up. You have a great weekend Chris and thanks again for a great lunch!
Darla P.
Hi Murph – I wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s catering (DOL – Capital Event Center). I heard so many great comments I thought I should let you know. Everyone was very impressed with both the amount and quality of the food and your personal touch with the bowls! I was even stopped before leaving yesterday by some of the staff from the Facility asking about you, they were impressed as well! Nice job. I know it is hard to imagine, but if we don’t have good food our meetings don’t go quite as well and you made it a fantastic afternoon. Thanks again!
Karen M.
Good morning, just wanted to let you know that the new cook, Brianna is doing an outstanding job. I have had several meals she has prepared and she puts out delicious food. The food is well seasoned and delicious. Please let he know we appreciate her cooking here at OB2!
Would like to take a quick moment to compliment your grill cooks. I’m sure they are often overlooked as they are behind the scenes most of the time. I have noticed that lately there is a consistency on quality that was not there in the past. I usually stick to just a couple grill items, and it is nice that I can now order them and know what to expect 99% of the time. Favorites are still the turkey melt, patty melt, and veggie omelet. In the past, I could never be sure that they would always be made the same way, with the same ingredients – often they would forget something. Now they are consistent and very tasty each and every time.
KILLER FISH TACOS! You killed it, great fresh ingredients, loved the crunch and the avo-lime sauce was delish!