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Born and raised in Southern New Jersey by a strong, single mother and one of a kind grandmother, Robert was destined to be a people person. His first business experience was in the mid- 70’s at a clothing store owned by his mother, Ann. Robert would greet customers at the door with a smile and would always get the same in return.

At age 6 he put on his first Martial Arts uniform, unaware that it was to be a way of life for him.

From delivering newspapers, operating boardwalk games, working in cafés and truck driving, a strong work ethic was obviously in his blood. From 1986 to 1989, Robert held the position of Chief Instructor/Office Manager for the Dragon Gym, whose main headquarters was located in Exton, Pennsylvania. The school had over 1,500 students and spent over $25,000 per month in yellow pages advertising alone. It was during this time while managing, teaching and learning, Robert’s natural abilities in working with people began to blossom.

In time, Robert returned to New Jersey and opened his own school named the Traditional Martial Arts Institute. With the great success and growth the school demonstrated within the first year, he began to realize his strengths and the positive changes that he could offer to others.

On October 6, 1990, Robert’s life took a tragic turn. While out with a good friend, a confrontation occurred which Robert did his best to avoid. Sadly, when all was said and done, a man cracked open a door, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Through the divine providence, the love of family and friends, a special nurse, a wonderful and very talented neurosurgeon and an ancient principle he learned in his Martial Art study called “Pil-Sung”, Robert survived. However, he was far from unscathed. The bullet took away his ability to taste, smell and see. The darkness and uncertainty also brought him great fear and pain. Through strength, courage and indomitable spirit deriving from his study of Pil-Sung (Certain Victory), Robert turned the page and moved on with his life.

In 1995, Robert kissed his family goodbye and with two gym bags and $500 in his pocket, hopped on a one way flight to the Great Northwest. On March 13th, 1995, he opened his first business since his he became blind; the Modern Day Café. The café provided breakfast and lunch for over 900 employees of the Western Regional Center of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, located just north of the Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

During the 10 years that followed, he began to find both vision and purpose in life once again. He began to work with others who suffered horrific injuries similar to his own while at the same time sharing his story to all walks of life.

His catering varied from small meetings to international conferences, with professional men and women from all walks of life. Along with this business, he initiated a contract which fed 52 children a day, at the daycare center, located at the same government complex, where Modern Day Café was located.

Also during those years, Robert put his Korean Martial Arts uniform back on and began to teach and share his story to others all over the country. Most important, than all the rest during those years, Robert found love in his life and is a proud parent of two beautiful children.

On September 1, 2004 after a two year court battle, the Washington State Department Services for the Blind, Business Enterprise Program and Robert J. Ott were awarded the contract to become the ones in charge, of providing the labor, which feeds the 3rd largest US Military Site in the United States, known as, Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Through this Robert became the President/CEO of the corporation with all of the responsibilities required through the contractual agreement.

Robert’s number of employees have been as high as 830 and his dedication to the US Soldiers became well known. He named this business, Certain Victory Food Services Inc., which follows his beliefs in strength, courage and indomitable spirit. He has been a speaker for the Wounded Warriors numerous times, and has spoken at many events, including speaking to many students across the nation, along with the schools located on base. In December of 2008, he was the Key Note Speaker for all 600 Doctors and Nurses at Madigan Hospital. Each day Robert always shows his appreciation and recognition to his destiny in life. Often he feels that there is more vision in his heart and spirit today, than ever before.

In 2007, Robert completed his book, titled “Certain Victory” and has shared his story of going from a victim to a survivor, to countless people all over the world. Currently, Robert is an official member of the Washington State Department Services for the Blind, Business Enterprise Program Committee. He shares to all, his great respect for the program and values it, as a great importance in his life. His admiration to the State Agency for the blind, along with his support, to both the clients and staff, are displayed often through the volunteering of his personal time.

When asked to take over the Owner/Operator position, for the food services of the OB2 building here, in Olympia under a two year contract, Robert embraced it. He views this as an opportunity to build the professionalism and customer service to the level it needs to be for all of the hard working and dedicated State Employees who work in that building.

When asked what he was going to name this business, Robert had no idea. That was until he heard his son called out by his nickname, “Bobby J.” Needless to say for a boy who at the time was turning 4 years old and having a Café named after him, the future will surely have no limitations.

On August 31, 2013, the 5 year contract with the Washington State Department Services for the Blind and Robert J. Ott, ended with Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Since then, the business was on several extensions with great uncertainty. Wednesday April 20, 2011 Robert received a phone call, at 11:00AM, informing him that he was just awarded the new Full Food Service Contract to feed the US Army, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord for another 5 years. It took much strength, courage, indomitable spirit and teamwork to achieve this success, along with the Past Performance Evaluations, which made it all come together. Once again, another story of Certain Victory!

For more information on Robert J. Ott, his book, filmed documentary, Businesses, Martial Arts credentials or the many numerous articles and TV coverage that has been about his journey in life, feel free to go to his personal website www.certainvictory.com



Chef Murph Miner was raised in Gig Harbor, Washington and has worked in the restaurant industry for over two and a half decades. His father was a local businessman who put Murph to work at an early age in the family business. Working for the family taught Murph the importance of commitment and dedication in every task and challenge he came to face. In 1978, Murph found himself with a desire to make a change so he decided to venture into the food service business. Starting off as a dishwasher at the Shoreline restaurant in Gig Harbor, it did not take him long before he began to work his way to the top. By 1980 Murph had advanced through all stations in the kitchen and was given the title of kitchen manager. During his career in the foodservice industry he also pursued an education at the University of Puget Sound. Murph held the position of Kitchen Manager at the Shoreline location until 1987 which earned him the title of “Chef.”

During the year of 1987 Murph moved on to become a leading member of the team employed by the Ram International. Murph dedicated 17 years of strong work ethics to the Ram International opening numerous new locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. He was often sent to various facilities to problem-solve challenging issues. Within those years he was found in both the fine-dining and casual themed locations, sharing his natural desires to give customers the experience and service they deserve.

In 2005, Murph expanded his experiences and began working for a large catering company. He held the titles of both the Catering Coordinator and official Banquet Chef for Allenmore Hospital located in Tacoma, Washington. While holding this set of titles he brought full-service quality food to an institutional setting. Through his hard work and passion for making a difference, he received many personal commendations for attention to detail, menu diversity and quality service. Following a merger of companies and a centralization of the catering operations prompted Murph to make a change in his employment. Through persistence, interviews and a demonstration of his food service skills, Murph became employed as the Kitchen Supervisor for the rooftop restaurant called Altezzo. The Altezzo is known for its fantastic location, overlooking the Puget Sound in the city of downtown Tacoma.

Following the sale of the hotel business, Murph was quickly picked up by the Great American Casino in the city of Lakewood. Within a short period of time Murph was promoted to the Kitchen Manager/Banquet Chef for the formal steak house (Goodfellow’s). It was during his time of holding that position and the pleasure of having a fine dinner at that location, the owner/operator of Bobby Jayz Café had the opportunity of meeting Chef Murph Miner. After seeing the numerous strengths in his menu design, cooking expertise, customer service, team leadership and catering background, it was clear that Chef Murph Miner would be a positive asset to the business, in both customer service and for growth in the foodservice industry.



Mr. Russell Woosley was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  After joining the United States Army his travels around the world began to take place.  From the beginning days as a child his passions of cooking and working in the kitchen came to be and during his time with the United States Military it began to blossom.  Often Russell was called in to relocate his life and talents to a new region that was often as far as the opposite side of the country or at times over seas.  His leadership and expertise in sanitation with the Food Service part of the military became known throughout the Country.

In 2004 following 2 ½ years in court against the Department of Defense that did not feel a Blind Vender could operate a food service contract of such magnitude, Mr. Robert J. Ott was awarded the “Full Food Service” contract for Joint Base Lewis McChord.  Following this, Mr. Russell Woosley via one of the best consulting companies in the country (Cantu Services Inc.) was the person both selected and recommended to be the Manager to assist in orchestrating true leadership for that enormous operation.  Needless to say Robert was able to clearly see the true strengths and professionalism that Russell had to offer.

Together with Mr. James Stevens, the two five year contracts (September 2004 to August 2013) in feeding (at the time) the 3rd largest U.S. Army site in the country became nothing less than a true success.  During those years the business was talked about and shared to the public via the media both locally and nationally.  From Newspapers, magazines, Radio Stations to Talk Shows and TV News channels all over the country our success in what we did and how it was managed was becoming a learning tool that others began to study.  With this the business titled Certain Victory Food Services Inc. was the first to employ an Occupational Therapist to assist in being able to clarify how many members of the company had some sort of disability.  With this clarification available 28% out of a team of over 800 employees had a type of disability.  This in itself was a head turner across the country and changed the way things were being looked at for the Randolph Shepard Act for the Blind.

Lastly while fulfilling the contractual agreement Certain Victory Food Services Inc. while Managed by Mr. Russell Woosley came to be a runner up for the regional Connelly Award which is above and beyond the call of duty and only awarded to the best at what one can be.  The commitment and hard work that Russell demonstrated during those days have never been forgotten.  Having himself now retired from the military enabled both Robert J. Ott and Bobby Jayz Café to utilize his skills and talent once again.  Along with his involvement with Bobby Jayz Russ often enough is out on the water.  Having been surrounded by water all of his life Outrigger Canoe Paddling  became an obvious passion.  In 2017 Mr. Russell Woosley competed in an International Competition which was located in Hawaii.  Teams showed up to compete in this Outrigger Canoe Paddling  tournament from all over the world.  Upon the completion of this incredible competition Russell and his team came home with the “Gold Medal Award and even more so the ability to find that feeling that was buried deep within called “Certain Victory!”



Starting in the month of May we at Bobby Jayz will be welcoming Tanner Deck.  Tanner is currently going through the training program to eventually become a true licensed Blind Vender for the Business Enterprise Program here in Washington State.  I, Robert had met Tanner a couple of years ago around the time he had graduated from the school for the Blind down in Vancouver.  His Mother and him came across an article that was about myself and the 6 years of business we have been in since operating the food services for this OB-2 building.  Needless to say it was not long after we talked that Tanner decided that this program is for him.  So I have brought Tanner in to not only get paid but to have the opportunity of learning from myself and staff some of the little nuts and bolts that only a hands on can possibly teach.  Tanner will be demonstrating his espresso skills and many other talents during his stay with Bobby Jayz and we all here welcome him with open arms.  If any of you fantastic customers get a chance to meet him please feel free to introduce yourself.  With us taking over the locations adjacent to our current Café we feel that Tanner will do great over in the Employment Security Building serving fantastic drinks and providing the customers excellent service.  In any case here below is a little bit about his fantastic history……

Tanner was born and raised in Olympia, WA he enjoys spending time with family and friends and also enjoys traveling.  He likes to go on motorcycle rides when he can, has a custom built golf cart, an extensive Lego collection and is also an avid Seahawk fan.  A 2017 graduate of Washington State School for the Blind, Tanner was recognized and received the Governor’s award for outstanding senior student of the year.  Tanner graduated with a business degree from South Puget Sound Community College class in 2020.  Tanner has been in the coffee industry for 8 plus years. He likes to interact with customers, enjoys stories and makes great coffee. Most recently he has worked at Northwest Harley Davidsons’ cafe and has also managed the concession stand at St. Martins University.