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Dear Friends,

 During the time the majority of workers have been staying home to avoid the illness that has attacked our world to go any further, Bobby Jayz remained open.  We limited our availability of food items as well as our hours of operation but my Chef Murph and I kept the Café open.  With that being said we are very happy to be able to have provided some type of food service for the small group of employees who still needed to come to work during these uncertain times.  When all of us will be back in the saddle and able to interact with each other the way we used to is still a question.  Nevertheless in the midst of everything going on I was asked to take over an “Emergency” Full Food Service Contract in the buildings that are adjacent to our OB2 location.  As mentioned above the date is to be determined but when all is said and done we are back in action Bobby Jayz will remain having the headquarters in the OB2 Building while simultaneously providing service in the Department of Transportation and employment Security buildings.  Our goal after properly staffing each of those locations is to provide to our customers the same specials that we make for lunch and espresso at the main OB2 location.  Each day we will be controlling the quality of food via making the specials in our main headquarters which is overseen each day from our head Chef Murph and following that have it transferred properly over to the DOT Café.  Along with that our coffee titled “Dancing Goats” which comes from a very well known company here in Olympia called “Batdorf & Bronson” will be the item sold at all 3 locations.  So for those of you who already travel from other buildings to utilize the quality of food and customer service Bobby Jayz has been providing since 2011 we now may be just a little closer to your office.  The high level of catering we have demonstrated and performed through the years for all different types of functions along with the UberEats service we provide will not change.  Our website will provide the needed information on our specials for the week, seasonal espresso drinks, catering options and much more. We thank you for taking the time to read this letter and please expect an update on this website as soon as it is available.


Your friend,

Robert J. Ott

Owner/Operator Bobby Jayz Café

Vice-Chairman WA. BEP Committee


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Currently do to the government shut down we have no public access to the Café.

When arriving to pick up any to go orders please feel free to call us prior at our main

Café phone number: 360-705-0321

And when arriving please knock hard on the metal kitchen door that faces the back parking area for employees.

Summer Coffee Specials

Northwest Almond Joy Bar:
Almond syrup, Coconut syrup, Chocolate Mocha.
12oz.$ 4.00, 16oz.$4.25, 20oz.$4.50

Tanner’s Vanilla Ice Cream:
White chocolate mocha, Vanilla bean syrup, Iced
12oz.$3.25, 16oz.$3.75, 20oz.$4.25

Summer Breeze Blackberry Crumble Latte:
Blackberry syrup, Almond Syrup
12oz.$3.50, 16oz.$3.75, 20oz.$4.25

Sun Tan ToffeeNut Mocha:
English Toffee syrup, Hazelnut syrup
12oz.$3.50, 16oz.$4.00, 20oz.$4.75

Olympia’s Mountain Barry Fusion

Italian soda with Cream, BlackBerry syrup, Raspberry syrup,

Strawberry syrup can be made with club soda or RedBull add $1.00
12oz.$3.50, 16oz.$4.00, 20oz.$4.50

Our Tropical Day:
Pineapple syrup, Mango syrup
made with RedBull add $1.00
12oz.$3.50, 16oz.$4.00, 20oz.$4.50

Gift Certificates

We now offer our customers gift certificate options
that can be used for birthdays, awards, accomplishments, celebrations, recognition and much more!

Click here for Gift Certificate Options

Bobby Jayz Catering

We will cater your meeting, luncheon, dinner or reception.

Click here for our Catering Menu

Bobby Jayz Travels

For those of you interested in learning more about our Owner/Operator Robert J. Ott and his travels in life, years of providing food services to the government, 45 years of studying Korean Martial Arts, Motivational Speaking, Work shops and seminars and his book titled “Certain Victory” please link to the following YouTube to go on a fantastic journey of his passions and lusts in life…

Click here for an in depth look at Robert’s Travels and business ventures.

Chef Murph and owner/operator Robert, working as a team since 2011.


“We got just one shot of life, let’s take it while we’re still not afraid.
Because life is so brief and time is a thief when you’re undecided.”

Rod Steward song titled-Young Turks”

Bobby Jayz Café welcomes you to our official work hard, play hard power photo album featuring our team players living life to the fullest!

Emily with her 32 pound King Salmon she caught with her father in only 30 minutes of fishing in early October, 2019!

Robert & Savannah Ott

Robert & Savannah

Robert after the wedding Bobby Jayz Café catered on October 12, 2019 and his daughter Savannah; she was getting ready for her homecoming dance at Olympia High School.

Catering Thank You

Thank you card from Trevon and Jewels after we catered over 100 guests at their wedding in Yelm, WA on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

A Special Goodbye

Saturday February 1, 2020, Robert had the honor of being a part of this occasion. Everyone in the photo are employees and dedicated customers. After many decades of being the local Mom & Pop place to go for good food and drinks, Hawk’s Prairie Restaurant & Sports Bar is closing their doors. Since Robert moved from Northeast Seattle to the Lacey/Olympia area in October of 2004, this location became his rest stop and meeting area. Needless to say change is something we can always count on and with that we can only wave good bye to the HP Sports Bar & Grill and welcome the business that is moving in. With that being said, here comes Chick-Fil-A.

Introducing Tanner Deck!

Welcome Tanner Deck!

Starting in the month of May we at Bobby Jayz will be welcoming Tanner Deck.  Tanner is currently going through the training program to eventually become a true licensed Blind Vender for the Business Enterprise Program here in Washington State.  Robert had met Tanner a couple of years ago around the time he had graduated from the school for the Blind down in Vancouver.  His Mother and him came across an article that was about myself and the 6 years of business we have been in since operating the food services for this OB-2 building.  Needless to say it was not long after we talked that Tanner decided that this program is for him.  So I have brought Tanner in to not only get paid but to have the opportunity of learning from myself and staff some of the little nuts and bolts that only a hands on can possibly teach.  Tanner will be demonstrating his espresso skills and many other talents during his stay with Bobby Jayz and we all here welcome him with open arms.  If any of you fantastic customers get a chance to meet him please feel free to introduce yourself.  With us taking over the locations adjacent to our current Café we feel that Tanner will do great over in the Employment Security Building serving fantastic drinks and providing the customers excellent service.  In any case here below is a little bit about 

his fantastic history……  

Tanner was born and raised in Olympia, WA he enjoys spending time with family and friends and also enjoys traveling.  He likes to go on motorcycle rides when he can, has a custom built golf cart, an extensive Lego collection and is also an avid Seahawk fan.  A 2017 graduate of Washington State School for the Blind, Tanner was recognized and received the Governor’s award for outstanding senior student of the year.  Tanner graduated with a business degree from South Puget Sound Community College class in 2020.  Tanner has been in the coffee industry for 8 plus years. He likes to interact with customers, enjoys stories and makes great coffee. Most recently he has worked at Northwest Harley Davidsons’ cafe and has also managed the concession stand at St. Martins University.