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Fresh fruit bowl with Greek yogurt and granola $4.50

Avocado toast with two eggs any style $5.00


4 egg rolls




MONDAY,  December 9

Teriyaki chicken bowl

Grilled chicken with steamed rice, green beans, sliced green onions and teriyaki sauce

$5.00  /   7.95

Soup: Navy bean and ham



TUESDAY December 10

Pho ( Vietnamese noodle soup)

Traditional soup with bean sprouts, rice stick, cilantro, onions lime wedges,thai basil, beef

and a spicy broth flavored with star anise ginger and coriander.

$5.00 / $7.95

Soup: Cream of mushroom

WEDNESDAY,  December 11

Bahn mi

Fresh Vietnamese rolls with cucumber, pickled daikon , carrot, sliced jalapeno, cilantro and your choice of chicken or pork

$4.50 | $6.95

Soup: Chile

THURSDAY, December 12

Vietnamese noodle salad (Bun Gao)

Rice stick, bean sprouts, shredded lettuce, cilantro, Thai basil, shredded carrot daikon slaw and grilled chicken with a spicy sweet Chile dressing.

$5.00 | $7.95

Soup: Broccoli cheese

FRIDAY, December 13

Aloha Friday

Kahlua pork, teriyaki chicken, sunomono, macaroni salad, steamed rice and spam musubi

$5.00 | $7.95

Soup: Clam chowder

Chef Murph and owner/operator Robert, working as a team since 2011.

Fall Coffee Specials

Hocus Pocus:
White coffee latte with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond milk.
12oz. $4.00, 16oz. $4.75, 20 oz. $5.50

Raspberry Truffle:
White chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup
12oz. $3.75, 16oz. $4.50, 20 oz. 5.25

Witches Brew:
Caramel sauce latte with vanilla and hazelnut syrups
12oz. $4.00, 16oz. $4.75, 20 oz. $5.50

Pumpkin Pie:
Pumpkin chai with vanilla syrup
12oz $3.50, 16oz. $4.25, 20oz. $5.00

Vampire Blood:
Italian soda with blackberry, raspberry and huckleberry syrup. Can be made with Red Bull.
20oz. $4.00 add $1.00 for Red Bull


For many in life it is safe to say that seeing is believing, but in all so many places on this planet we as humans can come to realize that without truly believing in what and who we are in this world and during our time in life it will become clear to say that the inability of seeing is more common then realized…”



“Suddenly everything I ever hoped for just passed me by…” Those words are simple yet how true they are when we as humans design our existence to share our lives with one we love until the day we pass away. I don’t ever want it to happen again for twice is more than enough for my heart and soul. Nevertheless while saying that I also can say with great confidence that there is nothing greater in my journey of life then when I am sharing those steps with another spirit that is holding my hand and sharing each moment with me. Let us all hope that relationships don’t become less of a power of goodness on this earth with the new year’s coming our direction. Here is a simple song and right to the point for all to place in his or her pocket. You can be a genius, fast, slow, wealthy, poor, lost, insecure or the leader of all on top of the mountain looking down but, whatever the outer differences may come to be there is nothing like it when your hand and a loved one comes together to share the travel of life. We at Bobby Jayz Café hope you enjoy this classic song.

Listen here

Bobby Jayz Café welcomes you to our official work hard, play hard power photo album featuring our team players living life to the finest!

Emily with her 32 pound King Salmon she caught with her father in only 30 minutes of fishing in early October, 2019!

Robert & Savannah Ott

Robert & Savannah

Robert after the wedding Bobby Jayz Café catered on October 12, 2019 and his daughter Savannah; she was getting ready for her homecoming dance at Olympia High School.

Catering Thank You

Thank you card from Trevon and Jewels after we catered over 100 guests at their wedding in Yelm, WA on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Certain Victory eBook available! Get Certain Victory, the story of Robert J. Ott. Robert has positively changed the lives of others and brought vision to all walks of life! Available on Kindle and Barnes & Noble.