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Weekly Breakfast Special

Bobby Jayz Summer Breakfast Bowl – $3.99

Fresh fruit, granola and Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.


Weekly Grill Special

Mini Corn Dog Basket – $3.00



Swedish Meatballs – $6.95
With pasta and green salad
Soup: Cauliflower & cheese


Crispy Chicken Salad – $7.95
Fried chicken, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, chopped bacon and sliced boiled egg on a bed of chopped fresh greens
Soup: Chicken noodle


Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – $6.95
Fried chicken, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, chopped bacon and sliced boiled egg on a bed of chopped fresh greens
Soup: Beef barley


Ancho Chile – $7.95
Roasted pork with rice, beans, Pico De Gallo and tortillas.
Soup: Minestrone


Popcorn Shrimp & Fries – $6.95
Soup: Clam chowder

Uber Eats Logo

Bobby Jayz Café is now partners with UberEATS!

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Bobby Jayz July Song of the Month

The first album I was given when being just a young boy was titled “Rumors” and I have since that time always been a true fan.  I went to see this band in concert about 3 years ago and they were just as good as they were in the 70’s & 80’s. They truly work well as a team and she without question puts her heart and passion in to each word she shares.

We at Bobby Jayz Café hope you enjoy the July song of the month!

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Ricardo & Rhonda’s Wedding

Below is a link which will take you to the journey in Baja Mexico with Robert and his daughter Savannah at the wonderful wedding of Ricardo and Rhonda. Along with the story of the travel is a link to see and listen to Robert speak and toast to the beautiful Marriage of Ricardo and Rhonda. We truly hope you enjoy!

Click to enjoy the journey!


Look Boss, Dee Plane!
This unique Fantasy Island drink is none other than a “Coconut Mocha”. Choice of a dash of vanilla that brings it all together.

Without vanilla –  12 ounce: $3.65 | 16 ounce: $4.35 | 20 ounce: $4.90
With vanilla – 12 ounce: $4.30 | 16 ounce: $5.00 | 20 ounce: $5.60

Señor Frogs Toes in the Sand
Summer blended version of our well known Nutty Blonde Frap!  This well known drink will include the white chocolate Mocha laced with lavender, known for relaxing the mind and body; similar to how I felt when drinking at Señor Frogs in Mexico!
12 ounce: $4.50 | 16 ounce: $5.20 | 20 ounce: $5.80

G.I. Joe & Barbie with the Top Down
A blackberry mocha, often recommended by the Northwest coffee experts to be served with almond milk; enjoyed while driving in a very expensive sports car with the top down.
With almond milk – 12 ounce: $4.75 | 16 ounce: $5.45 | 20 ounce: $6.00
Without almond milk – 12ounce: $3.65 | 16 ounce: $4.35 | 20 ounce: $4.90

Coral Coconut Stingray Delight
A true alternative for the season, this drink is none other than a iced chai tea latte blended with our well known coconut milk. Warning: it is noted that often while enjoying this drink, one may want to strip nude and apply coconut Stingray oil all over his or her body.

12 ounce: $4.55 | 16 ounce: $5.15 | 20 ounce: $5.65

Good Fellows on the Boardwalk
It does not get any better than to get one of those power hits from a classic Italian Soda!  Not only will it quench your thirst, but also allow yourself to talk with your hands freely.  The flavors that we will be offering to our wonderful family of customers this summer are strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, peach and of course who could ever forget the legendary mighty mango.
12 ounce: $3.75| 16 ounce: $4.45 | 20 ounce: $5.05

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