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Bobby Jayz Café is now partners with UberEATS!

Uber Eats Logo

Bobby Jayz Café is proud to be the first Business Enterprise Program of Washington State Licensed Blind Entrepreneur to start this food service partnership.

We offer quality food known to our local community looking for a satisfying dish Monday through Friday. Along with our breakfast and lunch options, Bobby Jayz Café is also providing a Ubereats menu that some may call the “Save the day-Win/Win Power Packs!”  These are portable disposable mini coffee urns that can make any meeting find true victory. Along with coffee, there are packages that include pastries and fresh fruits that can be ready and delivered to the location our customers provided to Ubereats. So as known to any professional, “There is no gray area in a successful meeting.”  It is either done the way it needs to be or it most likely should have never happened.

We will be closed December 25 and January 1 for the holidays

Weekly Breakfast Special

OB2 Breakfast

Two pancakes, two eggs any style, two sage sausage links OR two slices of bacon (no substitutions). – $4.00

Weekly Grill Special


Cheeseburger, fries and a small fountain drink.

Bobby Jayz December Song of the Month

It was June 8, 1990, the anniversary date of my first long term relationship. I pulled up in front of her house and honked the horn twice. I stepped out of my car, a new cranberry colored Conquest TSI Sports car. In my hands was a dozen roses and I was wearing a light tan colored Caverichi suit, a black button up shirt and black dress shoes that had a special shine to them. The door opened up and I clearly remember watching her come down the steps wearing a head turning dress that fit her so well and with it all a beautiful smile that one could never forget. There was a kiss from me on her cheek as I placed the red and white roses in her hands. I walked her around to the other side of the car, opened the door for her to get seated only to have this song playing. It truly became the song that helped me in being able to define my passion, love, warmth and those special feelings between a man and a woman. Happy Holidays to all and I hope you enjoy the song!

Click to hear song

Click here to listen to the song of the month archive


White Chocolate Christmas
White chocolate, vanilla, toasted marshmallow and whip.
Small: $3.95 | Medium: $4.45 | Large: $4.95

Snow Angel
White chocolate, peppermint, dash of vanilla, whip and candy cane sprinkles.
Small: $3.95 | Medium: $4.50 | Large $5.05

Santa Baby
White and Hershey chocolate with raspberry.
Small: $3.35 | Medium: $3.90 | Large: $4.40

Sugar Plum Fairy
Caramel sauce, toasted marshmallow and whip.
Small: $3.30 | Medium: $3.85 | Large: $4.40

Eggnog Latte
Try with butter rum or cinnamon.

Molded with chocolate Irish Crème.
Small: $3.75 | Medium: $4.30 | Large: $4.85

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
Strawberry-kiwi Red Bull.
Small: $4.00| Medium: $4.25 | Large: $4.50



Lasagna – $6.95
With garlic bread.
Soup: Lemon chicken with rice


BBQ Pork Sliders – $6.95
On Hawaiian rolls.
Soup: Beef barley


Pot Roast – $7.95
With gravy,  baby red potatoes, carrots and onions.
Soup: Chilé


Thanksgiving in December – $7.95
Soup: Chicken dumpling


Fish & Chips – $7.95
Soup: Clam chowder