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Bobby Jayz Café is now partners with UberEATS!

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Bobby Jayz Café and our Owner/Operator Robert J. Ott is proud to be the first Business Enterprise Program of Washington State Licensed Blind Entrepreneurs to start this food service partnership.

Since the beginning of this partnership, it has been clear that not only has it been successful but also fully able to demonstrate the important values in today’s society. With our busy schedules and daily struggle to find enough time to do what needs to be done, it has become an attractive option to have the food you want brought to your door. That new possibility has become a true game changer for all. In the big picture this is a prime example of how our society has come to embrace the word “convenience.”

Our catering service for the fall season months of 2017 reached the highest level since our café came to be over 6 years ago. Along with that, the first month of 2018 is kicking off to another busy time of catering as well. The growth of this part of our business has come via word of mouth. Our quality of food, numerous options, flexibility to the needs, visual presentation and affordable cost is what brings us to a higher level of service in this line of work.

So when time allows and you are having an event that will need the added touch, please either go to our catering link on the homepage or stop at the café and obtain the hard copy of the catering menu. Doing it the right way is truly the only way!

Check out the 2017 Bobby Jayz Café and Ott family photo album!

Featuring our 6 year anniversary of the Café photos, Fundraisers towards the Olympia High School Dance & Pom Team, Articles for 2017 of the Café and Owner/Operator and many other adventures the Ott Family accomplished for the year…

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Weekly Breakfast Special

Sausage, Biscuit and Eggs – 2 biscuits, 2 sausage patties and 2 eggs any style covered with country gravy – $5.50

Weekly Grill Special

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Deal – $2.00

No frills, no fries.


Below is a fabulous article that was featured in the Northwest Music Scene (NWMS) which is all about our special guest who came to play music at our 6 Year Anniversary Celebration. This person is none other than Ethan Tucker who is our local celebrity out of the Olympia area who truly is turning heads and setting the tone! This article covers the past and the future of his journey along with numerous links to his music live on youtube which also includes his premier of the newest music video. Bobby Jayz Café and Owner/Operator Robert J. Ott applaud the success of Ethan Tucker and welcome you to read and listen to all of the beauty this article has to offer!
Click here to read the article and listen to the music from Ethan Tucker

Bobby Jayz February Song of the Month

We at Bobby Jayz wish to dedicate this song to the Philadelphia Eagles! The Super Bowl this year will once again be the New England Patriots against the NFC Champions for 2018 the Philadelphia Eagles. Growing up in Southern New Jersey, we always cheered for the Philadelphia sports teams. So with the Seahawks being out of the game this year, there could not be a better team for us to find that victory with then the one my eyes can still clearly see… the Philadelphia Eagles! Nothing against the Patriots, but we feel it is time to turn the page if you know what I am saying… This song can remind a person looking in the mirror with the odds against them that he or she will somehow find that feeling of victory from the heart. If we walk away from this game with either a win or a loss, the demonstration of Certain Victory will be displayed to all. Go Eagles!!!

Click to hear song

Click here to listen to the song of the month archive


White Chocolate Christmas
White chocolate, vanilla, toasted marshmallow and whip.
Small: $3.95 | Medium: $4.45 | Large: $4.95

Snow Angel
White chocolate, peppermint, dash of vanilla, whip and candy cane sprinkles.
Small: $3.95 | Medium: $4.50 | Large $5.05

Santa Baby
White and Hershey chocolate with raspberry.
Small: $3.35 | Medium: $3.90 | Large: $4.40

Sugar Plum Fairy
Caramel sauce, toasted marshmallow and whip.
Small: $3.30 | Medium: $3.85 | Large: $4.40

Eggnog Latte
Try with butter rum or cinnamon.

Molded with chocolate Irish Crème.
Small: $3.75 | Medium: $4.30 | Large: $4.85

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
Strawberry-kiwi Red Bull.
Small: $4.00| Medium: $4.25 | Large: $4.50



President’s Day


Sriracha Chicken Nuggets – $6.95
With Sriracha ranch.
Soup: Turkey noodle


Chicken Caesar Salad – $6.95
Add avocado for $1.00 more.
Soup: Cream of mushroom


Mongolian Beef – $7.95
With rice.
Soup: Broccolli cheese


Lasagna – $7.95
With meat sauce.
Soup: Clam chowder

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