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Weekly Breakfast Specials

Eggs Benedict


Weekly Grill Special

Chicken Bacon Ranch Burger



MONDAY  November 19

Chicken enchilada with Spanish rice


Soup: Chile



TUESDAY  November 20

Tempura chicken with three dipping sauces and steamed rice


 Soup: Chicken noodle

WEDNESDAY November 21

Lasagna with garlic bread


Soup: Curry lentil

THURSDAY November 22

“Happy Thanksgiving”  Bobby Jayz  Café will be closed and opening back up for business on Monday November 26, 2018


FRIDAY November 23


The true customer service that we strive for each day is what provided our Café to be a step above the rest.  It has been over a year since partnering with Ubereats and it has opened up another door for our little operation that none of us would have ever imagined 2 years ago. Even with many of our customers working out of his or her home several days a week, he or she still has a belly to feed.  Our prices and food quality has truly broken the chain in the downtown Olympia area.  With that being said, we have just joined together with another national company that brings the food to you.  So starting October 9 we will also be partners with a national company that has been in business for longer than the rest… Grubhub!  Each partnership is allowing us to bring our quality food to you! Both Ubereats & Grubhub have individual menus that will offer many options to our dedicated customers!

GrubHub Logo

Uber Eats Logo

Both partnerships will provide the service Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 2:00PM. Closed on weekends and Government holidays.

Bobby Jayz November Song of the Month

Belinda Carlisle – “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”

I was 21 years of age and working as a door man for a place called the Moorestown Pub.  When I closed my Martial Arts school down at 9:00PM I quickly washed up, changed my clothes and went off to my other job.  I remember how this song was on the radio in the car quite often as well as playing quite a bit at the Pub I was working at. At the time I was dating a blond who enjoyed visiting that bar and had lived in the area.  It was what it was and brought the closest feeling of enjoyment that was possible to obtain at that point in my life.  Then it happened one night while working… My first love came in the door and once again within seconds locked her eyes with my eyes.  Needless to say we were back together again in every possible manner and my lack of happiness was once again gone. It was almost as if “Heaven was a place on earth”. Enjoy our November song from all of your friends at Bobby Jayz Café.

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Ricardo & Rhonda’s Wedding

Robert’s journal during his visit to Baja Mexico is available in pdf format. Check out the video below of Robert’s toast to the beautiful Marriage of Ricardo and Rhonda. We truly hope you enjoy!



Almond Nut Latte
Almond and pistachio

 12 ounce: $3.60 | 16 ounce: $4.30 | 20 ounce: $4.90

Irish Pumpkin White Mocha
Irish cream, pumpkin spice & white chocolate
12 ounce: $4.00 | 16 ounce: $4.70 | 20 ounce: $5.30

Salted Caramel 

Latte , Mocha or Hot Chocolate
Made with real sea salt!  Prices will vary*

Alternative Treat: Laineys  Latte

Almond and white chocolate with a mix of hemp and coconut milk, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon!12 ounce: 12 ounce $3.80 | 16 ounce: $5.55| 20 ounce: $6.15

 Tea /Steamer Specials
Butter Beer Chai Latte

Butter rum, English toffee & spiced Chai. Try with an espresso shot for an extra kick

12 ounce: $3.80| 16 ounce: $4.40 | 20 ounce: $4.90

Golden Milk Tea Latte

An immune – boosting milk , tea drink with tumeric, ginger and more!

12 ounce $3.55\ 16 ounce $4.15\ 20 ounce $4.65

Certain Victory eBook available! Get Certain Victory, the story of Robert J. Ott. Robert has positively changed the lives of others and brought vision to all walks of life! Available on Kindle and Barnes & Noble.