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Weekly Breakfast Special

2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes, 2 Strips of Bacon – $2.99

No substitutions


Weekly Grill Special

Bobby Jayz Poutine – $5.95

Roasted pulled pork, seasoned curly fries, melted cheese curds and a rich demi-glace sauce.

Bobby Jays Ultimate Cheeseburger – $6.95

Seasoned fried cheese curds melted cheddar and crispy bacon top this one off.



Chicken Marsala – $7.95
With penne pasta.
Soup: Split pea & ham


Italian Sub – $7.95
With fresh fruit.
Soup: Chicken noodle


The Eat Well Plate – $7.95
Includes all five food groups for a balanced meal. Cottage cheese, fresh fruit, brown rice, fresh steamed vegetable and grilled chicken.
Soup: Beef barley


Ancho Chile – $7.95
Roasted pork with rice, beans, Pico De Gallo and tortillas.

Soup: Cream of mushroom


Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2)- $6.95
Soup: Clam chowder

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Bobby Jayz Café is now partners with UberEATS!

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Bobby Jayz June Song of the Month

We at Bobby Jayz Café would like this song to be a gift to a fabulous couple that will be getting married at the end of the month.  These two special people are like family to myself in all so many ways and have been with me through the good and bad times of life.  The daughter of the soon to be husband is also best friend’s with my daughter Savannah.  Thus at the end of June my daughter and I will be heading off to celebrate the joining of love through marriage of Ricardo and Rhonda.

Rhonda was one of the employees who worked in our OB2 location when I first took over the food service in this building.  So maybe some of you may know her. This song is for the two of you and all the rest of the humans on this planet who are able to appreciate the ability of love to pour down on our bodies like a sweet sun shower!

Click to hear song

Click here to listen to the song of the month archive


Look Boss, Dee Plane!
This unique Fantasy Island drink is none other than a “Coconut Mocha”. Choice of a dash of vanilla that brings it all together.

Without vanilla –  12 ounce: $3.65 | 16 ounce: $4.35 | 20 ounce: $4.90
With vanilla – 12 ounce: $4.30 | 16 ounce: $5.00 | 20 ounce: $5.60

Señor Frogs Toes in the Sand
Summer blended version of our well known Nutty Blonde Frap!  This well known drink will include the white chocolate Mocha laced with lavender, known for relaxing the mind and body; similar to how I felt when drinking at Señor Frogs in Mexico!
12 ounce: $4.50 | 16 ounce: $5.20 | 20 ounce: $5.80

G.I. Joe & Barbie with the Top Down
A blackberry mocha, often recommended by the Northwest coffee experts to be served with almond milk; enjoyed while driving in a very expensive sports car with the top down.
With almond milk – 12 ounce: $4.75 | 16 ounce: $5.45 | 20 ounce: $6.00
Without almond milk – 12ounce: $3.65 | 16 ounce: $4.35 | 20 ounce: $4.90

Coral Coconut Stingray Delight
A true alternative for the season, this drink is none other than a iced chai tea latte blended with our well known coconut milk. Warning: it is noted that often while enjoying this drink, one may want to strip nude and apply coconut Stingray oil all over his or her body.

12 ounce: $4.55 | 16 ounce: $5.15 | 20 ounce: $5.65

Good Fellows on the Boardwalk
It does not get any better than to get one of those power hits from a classic Italian Soda!  Not only will it quench your thirst, but also allow yourself to talk with your hands freely.  The flavors that we will be offering to our wonderful family of customers this summer are strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, peach and of course who could ever forget the legendary mighty mango.
12 ounce: $3.75| 16 ounce: $4.45 | 20 ounce: $5.05

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